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Meet Your Hosts, The Ropp Family

This Is Our Story... Married almost 10 years, we are two whose lives have come together and have been blessed by the crazy winding road that God has led us down and together. "Entrepreneurs at heart and by trade, Willy is helping bring my dreams to life. Since a little girl, I have dreamt of owning an Old English Sheepdog. Now, with the thanks of my husband, and the providence of God, we raise them on a beautifully scenic, serene and secluded 200-acre farm in northern Missouri. We are a hands-on team, loving each and every single one of our dogs as if they were our own pets. Because they are!" 

We are a boutique farm focusing only on Standard, Mini and Micro Sheepadoodles. Our motto is "quality not quantity". We do not condone puppy mills and that is why we only raise smaller quantities. This allows us to be hands-on from the day the puppies are born all the way until we deliver the puppy of your dreams into your arms. Our goal is that each puppy is of the utmost health and is socialized early to trust and desire human interaction.

We truly love this breed and believe that once you love an OES or Sheepadoodle, you'll never choose another breed.

About Our Facilities

What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart From Other Breeders

At ValleyView Sheepadoodles we focus on quality, not quantity. Our doodle breeding stock comes exclusively from OES females, and we always insist that the father of our puppies is a well-bred poodle. Generally, when a dog breeder has a male poodle for breeding, it's a good sign that they are not chasing the market, as many breeders do.

We also take immense pride in the fact that we insist that our breeding dogs have docked tails.  A docked tail is the Official Standard for the OES according to the AKC, and for the poodle, a docked tail of sufficient length to maintain a balanced outline. A sheepadoodle puppy with a docked tail will have many benefits including improved hygiene cleanliness and less accdiental wine spills on your coffee table! But the best part is it will give them more of an adorable wiggly butt, the ideal welcome home after a long day!

Our doodle puppies have a distinctive OES look to them, which gives them a fun bounce when they run.

All Puppies go home with a strong start to potty training. The puppies start going outside at 5 weeks, so they are usually well trained and rarely have mistakes when ready to go to their new homes.

Most importantly, we love our puppies and dogs intensely, which shines through in their personalities.

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A True Sheepadoodle Resort

A True Sheepadoodle Resort

The Sheepadoodle Farm has expanded its state-of-the-art kennel facilities. Known as the Sheepadoodle Resort, the facilities include heated floors, grooming, whelping pens, and spacious accommodations with extra-large play space for every dog.

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